Litigation Experience is What We Offer
The legal experience of an attorney and counselor of law makes all the difference. The Partners at Brewster Maroun | Spradley, PLLC have extensive litigation experience in both civil and criminal cases. Collectively, they have over 30 years of litigation and trial experience.
Our Clients Matter
The firm’s practice is focused on meeting the specific needs of corporate and individual clients through an unwavering commitment to professionalism, an ethical approach to the practice of the law and solid legal expertise. Although the firm provides a broad range of legal services, the commitment to a client-centered approach and superior legal representation is a distinction that makes all the difference at Brewster Maroun | Spradley, PLLC.
Boutique Service with Big Representation
Brewster Maroun | Spradley, PLLC is a boutique, full service law firm that distinguishes itself based upon its dedication to clients, attention to legal details and determination to achieve the best possible results.


Default Law

The default services industry is constantly changing. Our attorneys are in the trenches on a daily basis to stay abreast of new hot button legal issues as they arise. It is our commitment to provide the default services industry with high quality legal representation and the best possible results.


Brewster Maroun | Spradley, PLLC is dedicated to helping litigants realize that they own the process of resolution. We facilitate productive mediations to allow all parties to be engaged in the process. We recognize that the dynamics in each case and situation vary. Therefore, individual and specialized attention is given to each matter to optimize resolution in a way that satisfies all parties.


While maintaining a completely neutral role, we are determined and dedicated to encourage resolution through the mediation and arbitration process with equitable results.

Civil Litigation

Being a boutique service law firm makes Brewster Maroun | Spradley, PLLC anything but small. Our attorneys are experienced litigators and have proven to be heavy hitters in the civil and corporate litigation arenas. Preparation, training and experience make us formidable opponents in the courtroom. At Brewster Maroun | Spradley, PLLC we focus on the quality of our work to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Expert Witness – Attorney Fee Disputes

Attorneys at Brewster Maroun | Spradley, PLLC routinely serve as expert witnesses in disputes involving attorney’s fees and costs. Our attorneys are also retained to review civil litigation cases and execute affidavits based upon an independent determination of the reasonableness of the attorney’s fees and costs.


Brewster Maroun | Spradley, PLLC offers consulting services to corporate clients, including individual attorneys and law firms. Our firm recognizes that one of the most significant challenges in the Default Services industry is a client’s ability to stay ahead of curve by keeping up with an every changing legal and sometimes political landscape. At Brewster Maroun | Spradley, PLLC, our legal team is available to help clients stay abreast of changes in the law and regulatory environment.

Probate and Estate Planning

The death of a loved one can be a very traumatic experience.  Allow our attorneys and the staff to assist you in wrapping up the affairs of your beloved as you are met with compassion and experience.

While death is something that people don’t like to talk about, it is essential that you plan for it.  Get your house and affairs in order.  An estate plan grants you peace of mind and control of your prized possessions. 

Criminal Defense

The defense of a criminal action is a very serious matter. Your freedom is at stake. You need an attorney who has experience in handling criminal matters to include trial experience and motion practice. The attorneys at Brewster Maroun | Spradley, PLLC have these attributes and we want to put our experience to work for you.